When Kareena Kapoor struggled to perform Saroj Khan’s dance steps in Agent Vinod: ‘Koi isko Electral pilao’

Sriram Raghavan’s Agent Vinod completes 10 years of its release today. While the film failed to get universal acclaim, its music, composed by Pritam, was a chartbuster. One of the songs that remains special is ‘Dil Mera Muft Ka’, which saw Kareena Kapoor Khan attempt mujra for the first time ever. Sung by Nandini Shrikar, the song was choreographed by the late legendary Saroj Khan.

A making video on YouTube shows Kareena dancing to the beats of Saroj Khan. The choreographer spoke about how the dance number is one of a kind in Kareena’s career. As the video continues, we get a glimpse of Saroj Khan being an absolute taskmaster. In one of the shots, Saroj Khan paused the rehearsals and asked Kareena as well as Maryam Zakaria to have an energy drink. “Dono ki dono ko Electrol paani pilao. Taakat kamm hai dono mein,” Saroj Khan is heard saying in the video. By the end of it, we see Kareena taking blessings of the National Award-winning choreographer.

Years later, when Kareena and Saroj Khan met on the sets of a dance reality show, the actor spoke about her experience of being choreographed by the legendary choreographer. Kareena revealed how she was terrified of Saroj Khan and recalled a time she once said to her, “A Ladki, kamar hila… Raat ke ek baj rahe hain, kya kar rahi hai?”

“She told me ‘if you can’t move your hands and legs you need to dance with your face’. She used to ask me to observe her closely and watch her face when she used to perform an entire song with her expressions. This is the reason why every heroine has become a heroine today only because of Master Ji,” Kareena said in a statement.

Saroj Khan passed away in 2020 due to cardiac arrest. Remembering her, Kareena shared that she learned “to enjoy dancing and smile through the eyes.” She concluded the post talking about how there can never be anyone else like her. “Dance and expression can never be the same for us actors and for everyone who loved her,” she wrote.

Agent Vinod released three years after Kurbaan. Both the films starred Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan. Agent Vinod was also produced by Saif Ali Khan.


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