When Akshaye Khanna addressed premature balding, admitted it was ‘devastating, heartbreaking’

The media shy actor Akshaye Khanna has always played his cards close to the chest, but in a couple of interviews a decade apart, he spoke about his appearance, and particularly his experience with premature balding. In a 2007 appearance on Koffee with Karan, he appeared to brush it off as a part of life, but 10 years later, in an interview with Mid-day, he said that it had actually affected him more than he’d like to admit.

On Karan Johar’s chat show, during the rapid fire round, Akshay named himself when he was asked who has the worst hairstyle in the film industry. Karan asked him about it, and Akshay said with a laugh, “Some people have back problems, some people have a number for their eyes, some people need hearing aids… It’s a part of life, that’s how I look at it, some people might think I’m absolutely stupid…” He admitted that he’s ‘vain’ sometimes, but said that he isn’t particularly bothered by his hair. “It’s a small thing, for me…” he said.

The topic was brought up again a decade later, in an interview with Mid-day, and Akshaye seemed to take a more reflective approach this time around. “It started happening to me at such a young age, for me, it was like a pianist losing his fingers. It really felt like that to me, in those days, till you come to terms with it and it starts bothering you less… You might be a sportsman, and realise you need a knee surgery, so it’s heartbreaking, you might lose a year or two of your career.”

He added, “The way you look, as an actor, is very important… At 19-20, it’s devastating. It’s heartbreaking, and it can mentally… kill you… I think it did affect my self confidence a lot, as a young actor. More than I’d like to admit, actually.”

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Akshaye, the son of legendary actor Vinod Khanna, made his acting debut with Himalay Putra. He took a two-year sabbatical from films and returned with a critically acclaimed performance in Dil Chahta Hai in 2001. He took a four-year break after 2012, and returned with Dishoom. He was last seen in State of Siege: Temple Attack, and has a streaming series with Raveena Tandon and Dhrishyam 2 lined up.


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