Vaani Kapoor looks fearless as Sona in this new video

Vaani Kapoor looks fearless as Sona in this new video

Yash Raj Films has released a new behind-the-scenes video of Shamshera featuring actors Vaani Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, director Karan Malhotra and a few other crew discussing the transformation of Vaani Kapoor into her character Sona. Calling it a ‘beautiful character’, Vaani recalled having goosebumps when she heard the narration of Shamshera.

Vaani said, “It’s a beautiful character very substantially written. The girl is very empowered and she does have an ark. It’s a world I as an actor have never explored before. For me, it’s a very new territory. He (Karan Malhotra) had envisioned Sona in a particular way and I just had to adapt to his vision which was beautiful. So now when I look at me, I love how refreshing Sona looks.” 

The film’s director Karan Malhotra, said, “I was really excited to work with Vaani, because I believe when I saw her the first time I really liked her as a performer. I think she was very fresh and very confident.” 

Talking about the training with the horse, Vaani said, “Even for horse riding you need that emotional connect with the animal. They will throw you off otherwise. I remember I used to get this small packet of biscuits and that’s what the trainer also told me, feed the horse and defend the horse. And it’s so cute they are like the loveliest animals.”

The costume designer of Shamshera, Rushi Manoshi, highlighted how they played with the fabric of Sona’s clothes. “We did go with very primary and beautiful pastel colors, tools and chiffon in the beginning. Then we get into really tough coarse hard malmal and cotton fabrics for her.  She blended in so beautifully and Sona’s arc is one of the most interesting arks.”

Explaining more about her character, Vaani said that Sona has ada. “She is just this flamboyant, beautiful, brave person. She is someone who is full of substance. There is attitude, there is ada in her that she can speak her mind. She has this spark and energy and a beautiful heart.”

Co-star Ranbir Kapoor said that he was really proud of Vaani. “She’s a beautiful actor, very hardworking, very committed and I think she is a closet method actor but like the kind of innocence and the kind of strength she brought to the character was quite amazing. It was a tough character, but she played it so beautifully and I am really proud of her work in this movie,” he said.

Sanjay Dutt, who plays the role of the villain in the film, said, “I got to know her while doing Shamshera and she is a good actor. I think she was so confident and even as a performer and a dancer she is fantastic. The main thing comes down to being a wonderful person.”

Shamshera releases in theatres on July 15.


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