Twinkle Khanna’s first tweet after controversial Kashmir Files joke, writes ‘spirit needs a sense of wonder’

Actor-writer Twinkle Khanna, who recently wrote about ‘The Kashmir Files wave’ in her column took to Twitter days after it caused some controversy. Twinkle did not address the controversy directly but it seemed like her post spoke about keeping one’s spirits high, no matter who tries to pull them down.

Twinkle shared a post on Twitter titled ‘A Wonderbra for the Mind’. Her post read, “There are two kinds of beauty, one that comes for a brief visit with unwrinkled skin and one that stays on, when you have an unwrinkled mind. Gravity, twirling his moustache, can pull everything down but it cannot touch our spirits unless we let it. The spirit doesn’t even need a Wonderbra to push it all up, all it needs is a sense of wonder, and that my friends, doesn’t come with any expiry date.”

Twinkle’s column spoke mainly of the Will Smith-Chris Rock incident that happened at the Oscars, where Will assaulted Chris on the stage. She made a few jokes about Vivek Agnihotri’s film The Kashmir Files, which became a surprise hit at the box office.

She also wrote, “I am just wondering if my colleagues can still call themselves filmmakers, or with all this filing, they, like the original nationalist, Manoj Kumar, have all turned into clerks.”

Twinkle Khanna is married to actor-producer Akshay Kumar and has often joked about the differences in their political ideologies. Akshay told Bombay Times in 2017, “Both Twinkle and I are not against anyone. She has her point of view and I have mine. That’s the way things should be between a husband and wife. If I tell her to do things my way, it’s wrong on my part. Such things can cause trouble and even break a relationship.”


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