Top 5 Population Country 2022

Top 5 Population Country 2022

The 5 maximum populous nations in 2022 are China, India, observed via way of means of the European Union (which isn’t always a country), the United States, the island state of Indonesia, and Pakistan. 11th July World Population Day.

World Population Clock: 7.96 Billion People (2022) . The Governing Council of the United Nations Development Program established “World Population Day” in 1989 after the world population surpassed five billion in 1987.

The list contains the most recent population figures for each country with the respective sources provided in most cases by the national statistical authority. The list includes some major regions, sovereign states, some administrative units to compare, and several dependent territories. The list shows the number of people living in a country on the latest available date. Most data refer to the years 2022, 2021, or 2020. For countries that have not published population figures or whose data are out of date, the list includes population estimates and projections from the United Nations Population Division.

1.China1.45 billion2022
2.India1.4 billion2022
3. United States332,529,0002022
4. Indonesia272,248,5002022
5. Pakistan229,489,0002022
Top 5 population country in world


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