Tiger Shroff turns singer for Heropanti 2, says ‘I am just lucky that AR Rahman sir didn’t say anything bad’

Tiger Shroff, Tara Sutaria and Ahmed Khan launched Heropanti 2‘s second song “Miss Hairan” in Mumbai on Friday.

At the song launch, Tiger was asked how it feels to make his Bollywood singing debut with an AR Rahman composition. The actor said, “Meri phatti padi thi. I honestly don’t know how to react because I got an opportunity to sing for the legendary Rahman sir. I am very grateful to my director Ahmed Khan. It was his idea and he gave me confidence.”

Tiger Shroff made his singing debut with the single “Unbelievable” in 2020.

When asked if he felt any pressure while singing for the music maestro, the actor said, “There definitely is pressure when you are working with a man of that stature. But it went very easily. He once called me for recording, and we pretty much just winged it from there. No rehearsals, nothing. I think I just got lucky. I didn’t have to sing the whole song in one go. I had to sing one line after the other. After you give several takes, your voice warms up and you sort of manage. I am just lucky that AR sir didn’t say anything bad.”

Watch Heropanti 2 song ‘Miss Hairan’

Tiger Shroff, who earlier thought he was just a “bathroom singer”, started taking singing lessons during the pandemic. He said, “I sing a lot while taking a bath. Everybody thinks I am a great bathroom singer. So, I thought why not take it seriously. It is a mood lifter. I started it as a hobby.”

“Michael Jackson is one of my biggest inspirations. One of my goals in life is to sing and dance on my own songs on stage. I started taking zoom classes during the lockdown, and I found a great singing teacher. I think I just got lucky. I love singing,” the actor added.

Tiger Shroff also said singing is a good break from doing all the high-octane action sequences. “I respect all the talented singers in our industry. Music is a big part of our industry, so I also wanted to get a little involved (in music) because I’ve got hurt physically a bit while doing action. I thought why not sing and not get hurt for a change.”

Shroff confessed that he never had the confidence to sing, but he gained it during the lockdown. He said, “I never had the confidence to sing. I never thought that I could even attempt something like this. During the lockdown, I had posted one video of myself singing Varun Dhawan sir’s song. I got a lot of appreciation for that, which gave me a little confidence. I thank my fans for that. They give me the love and comfort that makes me believe that I can do anything.”

Heropanti 2 is scheduled to release in theatres on April 29.


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