Siddharth Sharma on Lock Upp eviction: I was thrown out before I could do anything

Siddharth Sharma’s big dreams came crashing down on March 19 when he was voted out of Lock Upp by co-contestant Kaaranvir Bohra. In a bid to get a chance to interact with his family, Kaaranvir ended Siddharth’s journey. While the Puncch Beat actor was initially upset about KV’s decision, he was later seen hugging him, saying he was happy he could reunite him with his family. In an exclusive chat with, Siddharth says that his exit was just too overwhelming for him.

“I was being evicted and then seeing those toddlers meeting their father, it all became very emotional for me. Also, it was my real emotion so I do not even regret it one bit. However, I do feel that after that act, I lost my game. I was given 24 hours to confront Kaaranvir but I did not. As you all must have already seen me discussing, my dad had the same name. After his demise, I get very emotional about anything connected with him or even the father-kid bond. So I guess my emotions overpowered me that moment,” he shared.

The young actor confesses that his journey in Kangana Ranaut-hosted Lock Upp, however, feels incomplete. The game for him had just begun and he never got a chance to present his many shades. He added, “There is a lot to me that I couldn’t showcase. Usse pehle hi bahar nikal diya mujhe (I was thrown out before I could do anything). It was almost like standing at the starting line and being disqualified for a race. If I am given a chance, I would like to go back and prove myself. I am happy with my journey but just not satisfied. I really feel I am not done yet as the game had just begun.”


While Siddharth Sharma and Munawar Faruqui‘s friendship was loved by fans, there were moments when the former spoke behind the comedian’s back. When asked if it was a real bond, he quickly replied, “It was connection straight from the heart.” The actor went on to share that even between friends, sometimes you want to do the best in competition but there was no malice against Munawar. While Siddharth feels he deserved to win, the actor added that he will now root for his bestie to bring home the title.

“He is a very nice guy and such a pure soul. He also understands the game and plays it well. I will be rooting for him to win. Munawar lost his parents, and I don’t have my father, so we connected emotionally too. He is so close to his sisters and I have promised I will look out for them. I really want him to win the show,” he shared.

Talking about other contestants, Siddharth mentioned that many tried to fake fights and romances in the early days. He added that it’s a show where the best laid plans will never work and the contestant’s real side will eventually come to the fore.


Siddharth Sharma picked the last day in Lock Upp as his ‘best moment’ as contestants, without the fear of competition, shared their thoughts about him. “They said such good things that my heart was full. I think it was so much more than the entire journey itself. It was just amazing,” he added. As for his lowest point, Siddharth feels that he was sent in with the hot-headed tag and that made him indulge in a fight on the first day itself. He also picked Shivam Sharma’s instigation as another low point in the house.

Lastly, given he is a good friend of Munawar, we asked him if he is rooting for Munjali (Munawar and Anjali Arora) or Munaisha (Munawar and Saisha Shinde). WIth a broad smile, he replied, “Munaisha for sure. It’s such a sweet bond between them. I feel happy that Saisha found love in the house. I love their friendship and also enjoy how Munawar takes the affection sportingly. He hasn’t got a lot of love in life and deserves it.”

This weekend, one among Nisha Rawal, Payal Rohatgi, Ali Merchant and Anjali Arora will be evicted from Lock Upp.


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