Shehnaaz Gill on ‘SidNaaz’: ‘It was not just a hashtag, it was my everything’

After speaking about how Sidharth Shukla always wanted to see her laughing, Shehnaaz Gill has now opened up about the hashtag #SidNaaz and how much it means to her. Stating that #Sidnaaz was everything to her, the actor-singer also took the opportunity to thank fans for giving them so much love.

“For people, SidNaaz was just a hashtag, their favourite Jodi, but for me, it was life that I lived and experienced and it will stay with me forever. A big thank you to the audience who loved our pairing together and the hashtag as well. But for me it was not just a hashtag, it was my everything,” she told Face magazine. Shehnaaz also added that it was a beautiful memory and part of her life which will always stay with her wherever she goes and whatever she does.

Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla met on Bigg Boss 13 and instantly became friends. While the two were rumoured to be dating, they never spoke about the same. Sidharth died last year in September following a heart attack. With millions enjoying their chemistry, fans nicknamed them ‘SidNaaz’ during Bigg Boss 13.



Recently, Shehnaaz Gill had graced Shilpa Shetty’s chat show Shape of You, where she opened up about being trolled for enjoying herself after Sidharth’s death. Putting up a brave front, the actor said that if she gets a chance to be happy, she will be happy as happiness is very important in life. Getting upset about being questioned constantly, Shehnaaz added, “Why should I tell anyone about my relationship with Sidharth? What was my connection with him? What was my relationship with him? I don’t need to be answerable to anyone. How important he was to me, how important I was to him, that I know. So I don’t have to give any explanation to anyone.”

The actor even went on to say that she wants to keep working hard as Sidharth wanted the same for her. “Sidharth ne mujhe kabhi nahi bola ki has mat. Sidharth mujhe hamesha haste hue dekhna chahta tha, aur mai hamesha hasungi, aur mai apna kaam jari rakhungi kyunki mujhe bahot aage jaana hai life mein (Sidharth never told me to stop laughing. He always wanted to see me laughing, and I will always laugh. And I will continue working because I want to go far in life),” she concluded.


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