Shahid Kapoor says he has ‘no aukaat’ in front of wife Mira Rajput, his kids: ‘Lot of injustice is done when…’

Shahid Kapoor, who has been married to Mira Rajput for around seven years, joked that he has no ‘aukat’ in front of her and their children. He also teased that he is thrown out of the house and said that when his daughter Misha isn’t with him, a lot of ‘injustice’ done to him. “Main roz apne biwi aur bacchon ki saamne….aisa lagta hai ki meri koi aukat nahin hai, lekin main ghar mein reh raha hoon,” he laughed. He then insinuated that he is often thrown out of the house. When Siddharth clarified whether he had indeed been thrown out of the house, Shahid said, “Lagta nahin hai, hota hai.” He also mentioned how daughter Misha is now going to school, “Jab meri beti meri saath nahin hoti hai, bahut na insafi hoti hai.”

Speaking to Sidharth Kanan, Shahid also mentioned that Mira Rajput has always given him constructive feedback. He revealed that she is ‘very critical’. When Sidharth prodded him further about her comments and which films she had criticised, he said, “All my films, except the bad ones. She doesn’t waste her time on it. She says it’s so bad, that ‘I don’t want to comment’ on it. She’s so honest and I like that. We don’t always agree, we agree to disagree and that’s the best part of being in a healthy relationship.”

Mrunal Thakur, who was with Shahid Kapoor at the interview, had some fun anecdotes to share about one of  her first encounters with Shahid. The two will next be seen in the film, Jersey. Mrunal said, “When I went to meet him, I left my car somewhere else, and realised later there was a long u-turn to take. I took a rickshaw to him, thinking I will reach fast, and I reached, and Shahid was smiling at me. I was like, ‘Aap toh vaise ho jaise filmon mein (You’re just like how you are in the films).’ He was like, ‘I’ll only be like that, no?’ Main toh uchal rahi thi, with my short hair (I was jumping up and down).”

Shahid added that she was ‘very normal’ when she came, saying that she was chilled out. Mrunal laughed over how she entered the wrong building at first, and asked, “Where’s Shahid?” She said that her heart was ‘pumping’ and ‘racing’, “Kya boloon, samajh mein nahin aa raha hai.” Later, she called him her ‘Aditya’, referring to his Jab We Met character.

Shahid Kapoor and Mrunal Thakur’s Jersey will release on April 14.


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