Shaan remembers KK as he performs ‘Pal’ at a concert, emotional audience cheers on. Watch video

Singer Shaan paid a special tribute to KK by singing, fittingly, one of late artiste’s most popular songs — “Pal” from the album of the same name. Shaan shared the video on his Instagram profile as he performed the song in front of an audience. Before singing the song, he explained how the song fits the occasion and as he began singing, the crowd cheered. While the song played, photos of KK with Shaan appeared on the big screen behind him. Shaan shared that his special nickname for the late singer was ‘Kakes’.

“Pal” was the debut studio album of KK. Released in 1999 by Sony, it was produced by Lesle Lewis with lyrics from Mehboob. Apart from the title song, “Yaaron” from the album also became very popular among millennials, and for many is a definitive song on friendship.

Both KK and Shaan gained limelight from indie music albums before getting success as playback singing in Hindi films. They also collaborated on several popular songs like “Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe” and “Dus Bahane”.

Shaan had earlier shared an emotional tribute to KK on his Instagram profile. He posted a collage of photos with his departed friend. He wrote, “Let me just pretend you are here .. we never spoke on a regular basis .. but always had one another in a very special place in our heart !! I have said ‘ I want to be like KK’ as content, as uncomplicated yet uncompromising when it came to his personal space. Had his prioritise perfectly in place .. But I realise .. there can never be anyone like @kk_live_now !! He will always be ‘The One and Only’ .. I cannot even begin to imagine what Jyo, Nakul and Tamara are going through .. All I can say is that He gave them 20 lifetimes of warm memories .. compared to any average family man.”

KK, 53, died in Kolkata on Tuesday. He was in the city for a two-day concert and took ill during an event at Nazrul Mancha. He is survived by his wife and two children.


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