Saisha Shinde on why she was attracted to Munawar Faruqui: ‘For a transwoman, the most important thing is…’

Reality show Lock Upp has been keeping viewers entertained with its unexpected twists and turns. Apart from the drama, the blooming romance between Saisha Shinde and Munawar Faruqui had the viewers hooked to the screen. However, Saisha’s sudden exit from the show last weekend left fans disappointed. In this interview post her exit, the celebrity fashion designer spills the beans about her bond with Munawar.

On the show, Saisha time and again confessed that she is in love with Munawar. She was even seen jokingly cribbing about his growing friendship with Anjali Arora. When host Kangana Ranaut revealed that fans are rooting for Munawar and Anjali with the hashtag #Munjali, Saisha said she will turn the tables and make sure ‘Munaisha’ becomes the ultimate pair of Lock Upp.

In an exclusive chat with, Saisha Shinde shared that because Munawar Faruqui is not her ‘usual type’ many felt that the attraction was not real. “I have people asking if it was true. For anyone who knows me, I am never not real and everything on the show was true. Honestly, now that I am out, just the fact that I won’t get to see his face every day is making me feel sad,” she said.


Sharing details about her close friendship with Munawar, Saisha said that it was Munawar’s ‘normal behaviour’ towards her that drew her closer to him. She said, “For a transwoman, the most important thing is to be treated like any other woman. With Munawar and even Siddharth Sharma, they instantly did that. Sid had a slight hesitation at the start but Munna treated me so normally from the word go. Also, he was the first contestant I met and that just strengthened the bond.”

Blushing as she recalled her times with Munawar, the fashion designer added, “The time when he started to pull my leg, and I did that in return, that’s when it all started for me. Those moments, those little innocent ones, made me feel like a teenager in love. I have never experienced that as I was Swapnil back then. The way Munna treated me made me literally feel like I was 16. It made me feel like a little girl, a woman, and it was beautiful.”

Saisha Shinde added that while the comedian’s intention was nothing but pure fun, she definitely fell for him. “It became something else for me, but he didn’t have the same feelings,” she said.




When Saisha was evicted by host Kangana Ranaut last Saturday, she broke down as she hugged Munawar. When asked what he told her as she was leaving, Saisha replied, “I was crying and remember telling him that I don’t want to go. He told me that if I do leave, I should talk to Kangana and sort it out. He wanted me to convince her to get me back. I am thankful that fans too want the same. I am just hoping now that I get a second chance to go back to Lock Upp.”

Lock Upp streams on MX Player and ALTBalaji.


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