‘Saira Banu has gone into a shell after Dilip Kumar’s death, does not answer calls’: Dharmendra, Shatrughan Sinha express concern

After legendary actor Dilip Kumar passed away last year, his wife Saira Banu is said to have gone into a shell. Her close friends, Mumtaz, Dharmendra and Shatrughan Sinha said that they have tried reaching her several times, but with no luck. Mumtaz said that she even dropped by their Pali Hill bungalow, but was unable to meet Saira Banu.

Mumtaz told Bollywood Hungama, “It’s so sad. Sairaji seems to be have gone into a shell after Yusuf Saab’s sad passing away. I made many attempts to contact her. When I could not reach her, I dropped in at her home. But I couldn’t meet her, I feel really sad. I remember the last time I met them both at their bungalow. Sairaji was so gracious. She had made really delicious cookies and cakes for me.” Mumtaz has worked with both Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu in Ram Aur Shyam and Aadmi Aur Insaan.

Dharmendra also expressed his worry and said that she does not answer any calls. He added that he can only hope that she is in good health. Shatrughan Sinha said, “After Dilip Saab, she has gone into a shell. We all lost the greatest actor. But she lost much more. I want her to know my wife and I are there for her if she needs us.”

Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu married on October 11 in 1966, and had weathered many obstacles in their lives. Saira Banu had once told Hindustan Times, “For me, it was always Saab, no one else. I was his fan from the time I can remember. While still a teenager, I wanted to be his wife. I’m very headstrong and once I made up my mind, there was no stopping me. I knew many beautiful women wanted to marry Saab, but he chose me. It was my dream come true and that’s what my marriage has been a perfect dream.”

Dilip Kumar passed away last year in July, leaving behind a legion of heartbroken fans.


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