Saans co-stars Neena Gupta-Kanwaljit Singh exchange sweet banter about playing husband-wife and later, mother-son. Watch

Back in the 90s, when Hindi serials were a far cry from what they are now, Neena Gupta and Kanwaljit Singh starred in the mature romantic drama Saans. The show focused on a woman’s tribulations after she finds out about her husband’s infidelity. The duo received much acclaim for their subtle and nuanced portrayals. Later in 2019, it came as a surprise to fans when Neena Gupta played the role of Kanwaljit’s mother in the film Sardar Ka Grandson.

Neena Gupta shared a wholesome video with Kanwaljit recently, where the two exchange banter and she talks about the work they’ve done together, from Saans to Sardar Ka Grandson.

“How do you feel after working with me again? Earlier, you played the role of my son.” Kanwaljit reminds her, “But I’ve played your husband too.” She smiles, “That’s a long time ago. You’re old now. How do you feel playing my friend now?” Kanwaljit says it feels good and the two share a sweet hug.

Last year, Neena Gupta reacted to a fan’s observation regarding Kanwaljit Singh and herself. The fan had written, “Don’t tell me Kanwaljit Singh is Neena Gupta’s son in the movie? They were co-stars in the 90s. SMH.” Neena responded, “Bhaiya yehi toh acting ka maza hai. Kal jo aapka lover tha woh aapka beta hai, yehi toh maza hai (See, that’s the fun of acting; someone who was your lover is now your son. It’s fun).” In Sardar Ka Grandson, Neena Gupta played Sardar, the head of a Punjabi family. She has only one wish before dying, to revisit her ancestral home in Lahore, Pakistan. Kanwaljit Singh plays her son, and Arjun Kapoor is the NRI grandson who takes it upon himself to fulfil his grandmother’s last wish.


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