Rashami Desai remembers equation with Sidharth Shukla, recalls thinking of him as ‘badi si body mein 10 saal ka bachcha’

Actor Rashami Desai and late actor Sidharth Shukla had become household names with their TV show Dil Se Dil Tak. People loved the chemistry between the two stars. But their off-screen relationship also grabbed eyeballs as the two got into some ugly fights on the set of the show and also on Bigg Boss 13, where Rashami and Sidharth participated together.

However, Sidharth’s sudden demise last year left Rashami heartbroken. Though people criticised her for faking her sadness about the actor’s death, she was unfazed by what others said about her at the time. In a recent interview with BBC Hindi, Rashami shared that when Sidharth passed away, she was going through a tough time on a personal front and that had made her “heartless” and quite “strong”. So, whatever people said about her never affected her.

She talked about her equation with Sidharth when they worked on the show Dil Se Dil Tak. “When we worked together, he came to know me quite closely and so did I. Both of us knew a lot of things about each other. Our fights used to happen differently. Main usse bolti thi tu ek badi si body mein 10 saal ka bachcha hai (I used to tell him you are still a 10-year-old kid in an adult’s body),” Rashami shared, adding that Sidharth lived life on his own terms.

Rashami and Sidharth stayed on talking terms after coming out of the Bigg Boss 13 house. Sidharth won the show and Rashami finished as a runner-up. “We talked some times even after coming out Bigg Boss 13. But it was never publicly on Twitter or Instagram. Both of us had set boundaries with each other on a mature level. But our journey has always been limited to ourselves and we have never talked about it,” said Rashami.

Rashami Desai also appeared in the 15th season of Bigg Boss. During her stay, she formed a close bond with fellow contestant Umar Riaz, brother of Bigg Boss 13 first runner up, Asim Riaz. The viewers loved their friendship and gave them the hashtag ‘Umrash’. But, after coming out of the show, Rashami was trolled for her bond with Umar and she eventually unfollowed him social media.

Talking about this, she said, “I am very comfortable around Umar. He is a really nice guy. I have never made such a close friendship ever before. I have seen his family, very well-behaved and cultured. But all the trolling made me unfollow him on social media as it started coming on my family. People gave gaalis to my parents, my niece, and my brother. So, I didn’t want that toxicity in my life hence I unfollowed him.”

However, the actor confirmed that she is still friends with Umar and that unfollowing him on social media doesn’t define their friendship.


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