Ranbir Kapoor says ‘my understanding of passion has always been my father’: ‘I hope I have some traces of him’

Late actor Rishi Kapoor will soon be seen in his last film appearance in Sharmaji Namkeen. The late actor was passionate about his movies and his food and in a recent interview, his son, actor Ranbir Kapoor shared that even though he would want to emulate his father, they don’t share many similarities. Rishi Kapoor died in 2020.

Ranbir told NDTV, “As much as I want to emulate him, be like him, he’s just such a passionate man about films, about his family, about food, about his whiskey, about politics, about India, he is so alive, It means something to him, he cares for these things.” The actor spoke about his father in present tense.

In another conversation with Film Companion, Ranbir said, “I hope I have some traces (of him) because to me, I see him as a great person, not just as an artist, but also as a human being. I think his value system is very correct. He speaks his mind, he is not a hypocrite, when he loves something passionately, he loves something.”

Ranbir shared that though passion is a very overused word, but “my understanding of passion has always been my father because to see that kind of interest, excitement, anxiety, nervousness, and also insecurity. I have never seen that level of insecurity even at that stage of his career.”

Ranbir recalled the time when Rishi was transitioning from being a lead actor to a character actor and how those 3-4 years were a little confusing for him, but ultimately, he started his second innings. “He realised that work was in his spirit, in his soul and he really wanted to work,” he said.

Ranbir added, “Being the tremendous actor he is, he had the opportunity to have a second innings, and what a second innings he had. The kind of characters he picked, the kind of performances he gave. It made him so excited to sign a good film, not the result, if it did well or not.”

Speaking about his passion, Ranbir said that his father was very passionate about his food and drinks. He recalled that when in the early days of his treatment, they were meeting doctors in New York, all Rishi wanted to know was if he could have two drinks at night. Ranbir recalled, “He made up some wrong story which was not even true that ‘I don’t get sleep at night’, which is not true. So he made the doctor believe that ‘I don’t want to take sleeping pills so can I at least have 2 drinks’ and because the doctor said 2 drinks, he used to tell my mother at home I can have 3 drinks, matlab agar 2 se kuch nahi hoga, 3 se kya hoga (If 2 drinks are okay, then 3 are also okay.)”

Sharmaji Namkeen, also starring Paresh Rawal, Juhi Chawla, releases on Amazon Prime Video on March 31.


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