Neetu Kapoor says gidda performance at son Ranbir Kapoor’s wedding was her idea: ‘I made Alia happy’

The wedding photos of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt had fans cheering for the couple and as Alia shared even more photos from the pre-wedding celebrations, it was evident that this was a small but extremely joyous occasion for the family. Ranbir’s mother, veteran actor Neetu Kapoor, had previously shared how the couple looked at wedding venues all over the world but decided to host it in their home and now, she has opened up about how she decided to put up a wedding dance performance for Alia.

Neetu told India Today that it was her idea to do a performance of Punjabi dance gidda and then add some songs to it. She said, “The wedding dance was all my idea, actually.” Neetu admitted that even though they did not have much time to prepare, they decided to pull this off with only a day’s practice. “I told everyone we should do something, even though the time is less. I had to do dancing, I told them. So we practiced whatever we could for a day. We even planned, me and Reema. We planned to do gidda, which is like a Punjabi traditional dance. We tried something new. We did gidda, then new songs and then Ranbir joined them. It was really fun.”

Neetu admitted that this was all a surprise for Alia, who had no idea that there was going to be a dance performance. “Even Alia was surprised because she did not know we were going to do this. It was a surprise for her. It was very nice. If we had more time, I would have made sure everyone was there and everyone danced,” she said.

The Do Dooni Chaar actor added, “But this time we did whatever we could due to less time, but it was still nice. Both Ranbir and Alia had fun. I just felt happy knowing I made Alia happy.”

Neetu Kapoor had previously shared that she wanted to surprise Ranbir as well but during one of the video calls during the rehearsals, Ranbir could make out that the family was preparing a dance performance, and so he decided to join in.

Alia and Ranbir tied the knot on April 14 after dating each other for five years.


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