Modern Love Mumbai actor Ranveer Brar says he was smitten by Aashiqui as a teenager: ‘I believed love meant fighting all odds’

“Love is so basic yet overrated. We have lost two things in the process- the sense of loss and the beauty of efforts. Life has become too fast and simple emotions have been put in the backburner,” Ranveer Brar quipped while talking about love and romance in today’s time. The popular chef is all set to make his acting debut with Modern Love Mumbai. His chapter Baai will see him and Pratik Gandhi play a same-sex couple in the Hansal Mehta directorial.

Speaking to about his acting debut, the chef said that he is used to being in front of the camera. “However, I have always been myself. To play a character seemed like an interesting opportunity, and I decided to take a leap of faith. I believed in the power of the camera, the medium and what it represents. I also believe in the audience, Hansal and Pratik, and jumped up to this challenge. If I have to sum up my experience, I honestly didn’t feel that I didn’t belong here. I actually enjoyed it.”

Interestingly, Ranveer plays a chef in the film and said that he was allowed by his director to cook on the shoot, even if it meant it took hours. Crediting his action as what made him more comfortable, he added, “Hansal sir loves food, and when I met him, his first words to me were ‘chef khana hi banana hai‘.”

While he is a chef, he added that his wife does have an issue with his fascination with food. Stating that she thinks he is not romantic in real life, Ranveer said with a laugh, “My romance starts and ends with food. My wife keeps telling me that ‘jis tarah tum khane ko dekhte ho, mujhe dekh lete to kya baat thi‘.”

A country that loves Bollywood, we quizzed Ranveer about the love story that he idolised while growing up. While we thought he would name another food item, the chef smiled to say, “I was in class 12 when Aashiqui was released. That film left a mark in my mind. I believed love should meant fighting all odds. One has to go through all the struggles and issues, and then find a happy ending. Rahul Roy and Anu Aggarwal also became the ideal couple for me.”

Starting May 13, Modern Love Mumbai will stream on Amazon Prime Video.


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