Masoom actor Samara Tijori says father Deepak Tijori’s struggles taught her the importance of patience: ‘He said…’

Masoom actor Samara Tijori says father Deepak Tijori’s struggles taught her the importance of patience: ‘He said…’

Deepak Tijori’s daughter Samara Tijori made her acting debut with Bob Biswas last year. While she had a small yet significant part, it’s Disney Plus Hotstar’s Masoom that has brought her into the limelight. Playing the lead role of Sana Kapoor, the web series sees her fighting demons in her own family after her mother’s tragic death. In a recent chat with, Samara opened up about taking up acting and what she learned from her father’s success and failures.

She started the conversation by saying how she is ‘grateful’ about bagging her first two projects opposite acclaimed actors like Abhishek Bachchan, Chitragandha Singh, Boman Irani, and Upasana Singh among others. “I am so happy that I got the opportunity to work with such experienced actors. Ever since I stepped onto the sets, I have been picking up something from everyone. In Masoom, I got to hang around with the best (looking at Boman). I just played off him as he has portrayed his part so truthfully. One just doesn’t need to act in front of him, you can just react. I think I have just stepped into one school from another, and I hope I can carry on doing this,” Samara said with a smile.

Talking about venturing into the industry, leaving behind her dream of becoming a criminologist, she said, “Until the time I was 17-18 years, I didn’t want to act. It wasn’t my plan at all as I was studying to become a criminologist. You read a lot of things at that age and try to figure out things. This was when I assisted directors on two sets, and I realised this is what I want to do. I did a few cameos here and there, and that just strengthened my connection with the camera and I knew I found my true calling.”


Discussing her father, actor Deepak Tijori’s journey, Samara said that she has seen his highs and lows, and learnt the way the industry works. “I did see a lot of struggles, very closely. Throughout his journey, what kept him going continuously was his determination. This was also the piece of advice he had for me when I chose to be an actor — have patience. And once I started working, I realised how patient one needs to be actually. There are rejections, number of auditions and never- ending waiting period. This show was shot a while back, and even Bob Biswas took a long time to release. I saw him do that, and I learnt that myself.”

As seen in the past many years, star kids continue to be under the shadow of their fathers even after many years of proving themselves. When asked how she will deal with being known as ‘Deepak Tijori’s daughter’, Samara says, “There is nothing to deal with as I am his daughter, and I can’t change that. And he is who he is with the kind of work he has done. Also, the idea of star kids that people have is very subjective. Each one has their own journey and at the end of the day, it all depends on what you bring to the table. I have gone through a lot of drills. During ad auditions, maine sab becha hai (I have sold everything) from shampoo to food and what not. I walked my own path and took up whatever came my way. It’s not that he would advise me or say I will speak to this and that person. I have done everything in my own way and that has helped me grow.

Masoom is streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar.


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