Lock Upp: Mandana Karimi apologises to jailor Karan Kundrra, has ugly fight with Payal Rohatgi

Mandana Karimi and Payal Rohatgi’s ‘dushmani’ is only getting stronger with each passing day in Lock Upp. The two actors are often seen engaged in a shouting match in the jail, especially during tasks. Last night, as the teams were asked to make chutney, Payal and Mandana locked horns once again, much to the dismay of their teammates.

As Kaaranvir Bohra tried to sort their differences, both women were adamant and stuck to their stands. While Mandana criticised Payal’s ‘incompetence’, the latter accused the Iranian model-actor of abusing her. She said Kaaranvir has unleashed a dog who keeps barking in front of her. Mandana on her part said Payal is selfish and never performs in the task. Adding to the drama, the opposite team tried to instigate Payal against Mandana, leading them to another bout between the two.

Mandana Karimi and Azma Fallah also got involved in a major fight. As Mandana hurled abuses, Azma replied that this is what her parents have taught her, and then went on to add that she abandoned her parents at a young age. This enraged Mandana and she went ahead and broke her hairband, threatening to break her face next time. The whole jail was also seen getting involved in the fight, as they took sides.


While all that happened in last night’s episode, tonight, fans will be in for some surprise as Mandana will apologise to jailor Karan Kundrra. As readers would know, last week during the task, Mandana and Karan were at loggerhead after she accused him of siding with the other team. As she showed her displeasure for not taking a stand for a woman, an infuriated Karan pulled her up for using the woman card.

In tonight’s episode, as Karan Kundrra will enter the game zone, Mandana will ask for a hug and apologise for her behaviour. Karan will say that while she doesn’t need to say sorry, he too regretted losing his calm. “To be honest, whenever I do another show, I put my heart and soul into the show. And I have been doing this for 13 years. When I sign up for something, it’s not just about the show or contestants, I bring my everything to it. Also, I am very passionate about this show,” he said, as Mandana and other contestants cheered her on.

Hosted by Kangana Ranaut, Lock Upp streams on ALTBalaji and MX Player.


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