KK heard saying ‘Mar jaaon yahin pe’ in a video from Kolkata concert. Fans express dismay

Videos of the late singer KK in Kolkata, at what would be his last-ever concert, have been going viral. One clip in particular seems to have caught the internet’s attention. In it, KK asks the audience to sing along with him to the Om Shanti Om song “Aankhon Mein Teri.” As the crowd sings the lyrics after KK, the artiste is heard saying, “Haaye, mar jaaon yahin pe” (Oh, I could die here!).

Fans have been sharing the video and lamenting the fact that KK ever uttered such words, and that they turned out to be true. A fan who shared the video on social media wrote, “Last he said ‘hay mar jaunga yaha par’ exactly it’s happened 💔🌼 I am from Kolkata , as a Kolkataian I feel very guilty (sic).” Other fans also dropped similar comments under the video post.

In the videos that have been going viral from the concert, KK is seen wiping sweat and looking visibly uncomfortable. KK had even reportedly complained about the stuffy, humid conditions at the venue to the organisers. There are first-hand accounts of people citing the lack of proper management at the premise, with some stating that there was unchecked entry and a fair bit of jostling involved.

KK died of a suspected heart attack on Tuesday. He is survived by his wife Jyothy and their two children, a son and a daughter.


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