Kamya Punjabi loses Rs 1 lakh in Indore’s street food joint, finds it back: ‘People of Indore are really nice’

Television actor-turned-politician Kamya Punjabi recently attended an event in Indore. While she had a good visit, her happy stay turned into a nightmare when she lost an envelope consisting of Rs 1 lakh. The actor visited a famous street food joint in the city where she forgot the envelope. Stating that she was on a work trip but couldn’t hold back her urge to try out the city’s street food, the actor told Times of India, “I had an envelope with me which had 1 lakh cash in it. So, I kept it aside on a table in his shop while I was eating.” The artiste stated that she got so engrossed in eating that she forgot all about her envelope.

However, when she realised her mistake, she asked her friend to rush to the place. She said she was stressed and “kept hoping that I would get it back.” The actor said she kept thinking about how lucky she would be if she gets the money back. Fortunately, the owner of the place had kept the envelope intact.

Adding that she was ‘thrilled’ with the find, Kamya stated, “Something like this happening is so amazing and surprising. I think the people of Indore are really nice.”

Kamya rose to fame with her role in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki. The show wrapped after five successful years on television. Post the show coming to an end, Kamya announced that she is joining politics and wanted to focus on “women’s empowerment and help those who suffer domestic violence in our country.”


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