Hansal Mehta shares his unpopular opinion on Christopher Nolan, says he is not a fan: ‘Mujhe mazaa nahi aata’

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta, known for Shahid, Citylights, and Scam 1992 among others, shared one of his unpopular opinions in a recent chat, that might not go down well with cinephiles. Mehta, who is quite candid about expressing his opinions, wasn’t shy of admitting that he isn’t the biggest fan of world-renowned filmmaker Christopher Nolan.

In a recent chat on the YouTube channel Chalchitra Talks, Mehta spoke about the films and shows that continue to inspire him and said that he is a fan of films, more than being a fan of filmmakers. “Unpopular opinion yeh hai ki main thoda bhaagta hun Christopher Nolan ki films se. Mujhe mazaa nahi aata (I run away from watching Christopher Nolan’s films. I don’t enjoy them),” he said.

Mehta, however, added that Dunkirk “really blew my mind” and he rated it as Nolan’s best work. But with Tenet, he was pushed to the edge and couldn’t even finish the film. “I couldn’t complete Tenet. Tenet se frustrate ho gaya tha main (I was frustrated with Tenet),” he said.

Mehta said that he was certain he would not be able to sleep after watching the film so he stopped watching it midway and never even revisited the film. “I didn’t feel like investing more time,” he said.

Talking about Nolan’s works, the Scam 1992 director said, “Narrative structure ko voh poori tarah se tod deta hai, audiences ke saath mind games khelta rehta hai. It is an achievement (He twists the narrative structure completely, plays mind games with the audience).”

Hansal Mehta is looking forward to the release of the second season of the Scam franchise, the Hindi adaptation of Modern Love, and an upcoming film where he is collaborating with Ekta Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor.


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