Faisal Malik on the death scene in Panchayat Season 2: ‘The pain of losing someone…’

Ever since its release, Panchayat Season 2 has been winning hearts with its sweet and simple tale. However, the last episode left viewers moist-eyed with its emotional track. If you are yet to watch Panchayat 2, here’s your cue to close the copy. Faisal Malik, who plays Prahlad Pandey, the assistant pradhan of Phulera, loses his only son. The young army officer is killed in a war zone and leaves his already widowed father pining for family. The visual of Prahlad sitting alone in his huge house at night will continue to haunt audiences for a long time. Also, people haven’t stopped talking about the moment he breaks down in front of his friends — Pradhan (Raghubir Yadav), Abhishek (Jitendra Kumar) and Vikas (Chandan Roy).

Social media has been abuzz since then, with many lauding the makers for not shying away from showing a man in tears. Speaking about the particular scene, Faisal told indianexpress.com that he has received several messages from fans. While many found the scene relatable, one fan mentioned how these emotions were earlier shown only by women in India.

“Everyone goes through pain, and this is an experience, an emotion that none of us can run away from. We all lose people, and we all feel that pain. I am reading all the messages and am so touched that people could relate to them. It’s one of the most real emotions and if people felt it was natural, we managed to do our job well,” the producer-turned-actor said.


Not many know, Faisal Malik himself lost his cousins early in life, which left a very big impact on him. He also lost his father last year to Covid-19. Sharing that it was a difficult scene to enact given his past, he said, “It’s not that I am the only one who has lost a family. There are lakhs of people who go through it every day. And I think the pain of losing someone is unmatched, but it’s also the most normal thing. I didn’t think too hard during the scene as I wanted to make it look real.”

Many viewers, however, did question the need for such an emotional moment in the show. Sharing that it was a perfect ending to the season, Faisal Malik said, “A lot changed in the show after Rahul’s death and the same will now be seen in the next season. It was a very big risk and step that the makers took. Fortunately, they managed to pull it off so beautifully. Touchwood people didn’t beat us up, saying kuch zyada hi rula diya (you made us cry too much). I think it was a perfect ending to the season.”

On a final note, Faisal Malik, decoded the magic of Panchayat saying it’s the ‘honesty’ that does the trick for them. “Be it the actors, directors, writer – each member has worked on the show with full honesty. And I think till the time that remains, nothing will beat us.”

Also starring Neena Gupta, Sanvikaa, Sunita Rajwar and Durgesh Kumar, Panchayat Season 2 is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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