Dipti Dhyani shaves her head for husband Sooraj Thapar: ‘Feel lucky to have a partner like her’

Fans have seen partners go the extra mile for each other in romantic dramas. However, they were in for a shock to see actor Dipti Dhyani shaving her head for husband, actor Sooraj Thapar. The loving wife had pledged to offer her hair at Tirupati Balaji while Sooraj was in the ICU last year, after contracting Covid-19. Sharing a photo of her bald look, Dipti wrote on Instagram, “Tere Naam @soorajthapar”.

When indianexpress.com reached out to Sooraj, the actor shared that he feels lucky to have a partner like Dipti, who can go to this extent for him. He also spoke about his first reaction to the pledge. “I had just come back home from Lilavati when she told me about her pledge. I was shocked and questioned her again and again if she’ll have to shave the whole head. While I was sceptical, Dipti was quite okay with it from the start. For her, getting me back on my feet was a priority. She said my life mattered more to her than her hair,” he shared.

Sooraj Thapar added that as actors, one has to always look good, and since Dipti Dhyani was set to make a comeback, he was worried about her career. However, he is hopeful that producers will have a role that suits her. The actor further said, “Honestly, I don’t know if I will be ever fine doing this. But she sat at the temple with a smile and just chanted God’s name. It was an emotional moment for both of us but Dipti’s strength overtook everything. She is confidently flaunting her new look and refuses to wear a scarf or band. Also, I must add that she is looking prettier now.”


Dipti Dhyani also shared a photo of the farewell party for her hair. Sharing the picture, she wrote, “Farewell guess”.

Talking about the same, the actor told Bombay Times, “My hair is thick, long and lustrous. I always get complimented for it. When my friends got to know about my vow, they hosted a farewell party for my hair.”

On the work front, Sooraj Thapar is currently part of Zee TV show Meet: Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet.


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