Dia Mirza on her son Avyaan Azaad’s first birthday: ‘We are amazed and amused that your first spoken word is…’

Actor Dia Mirza on Saturday took to her social media platforms to wish her son, Avyaan Azaad Rakhi, on his first birthday. Avyaan was born three months premature and had several health risks before he could come home to his mother Dia, father Vaibhav Rekhi and step- sister Samaira.

Dia shared a happy picture of herself with her son. The photo shows Avyaan holding his father Vaibhav’s hand, as Dia looks at them with a wide smile on her face. Dia gave a detailed description of what Avyaan had to go through after being born on May 14, 2021. She wrote, “Our Jaan, our miracle, you were born on this day 1 year ago with the song ‘Imagine’ playing. You were 3 months premature at 820 gms. 36 hours after birth we discovered you had necrotising enterocolitis and had to go through life saving surgery. You were cared for and nourished in the NICU with a stoma for 90 days and finally sent home to us with a stoma.”

Dia then gave details on her son’s second surgery, and said that the doctors had “prepared us for the worst.” She wrote, “After you had gained strength and weight you went back to hospital for a 2nd surgery that lasted four and half hours. The doctors prepared us for the worst and said it would take a minimum of 21 days before you could be back home with us.” Dia also called her son a warrior. “Avyaan Azaad, you were ready to be home with us on day 9 our warrior,” she added.

Dia then shared how Avyaan’s first words were not “mum’ or “dad” but “tiger.” She wrote, “Your grace, your strength, your determination to fight the odds is so inspiring. Our son, you are now catching up on all your milestones, are happy, playful and loving. You fill our heart with joy and gratitude every single day. We are amazed and amused that your first spoken word is – Tiger 🐯.”

“We remain grateful to all of your doctors and nurses for taking such good care of you. Avyaan Azaad, you have inherited a world that will count on your love, grace, empathy and kindness. Make your own way our darling. Just as you do every day. Always remember – you are love🌏. Happy Birthday our son. Thank you for choosing us 🐯🌳💧🦋🕊☀️🐘🐬🦚🪷💫🌈🐝🐒🦁,” Dia concluded.



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