Debina Bonnerjee on her pregnancy journey: ‘Behind all the beautiful poses, an odd feeling…’

Actor and mother-to-be Debina Bonnerjee recently took to her social media handle to share a lovely and poignant update as she entered the third trimester of her pregnancy.

Sharing a beautiful black-and-white photo of herself that showed off her baby bump, Debina mentioned the mixed ride that pregnancy is — a blend of multiple unending worries and joys.

Debina mentioned about the frequent bathroom visits, the swollen feet and nausea, but despite these uncomfortable realities, managed to remain hopeful and full of gratitude for her soon-to-be-born child. “Standing in the 3rd trimester … with a swollen feet … many toilet runs… constipated… leaking bouts with sneezes and caugh or even a hearty laugh… reminds me that I am pregnant… reminds me that this is real. … after so many years of no.. it is finally a YES. Behind all the happy dances and beautiful poses is an odd feeling… of experiencing pregnancy after trauma. A nagging shadow of fear and anxiety after Da initial excitement…Each milestone each appointment bringing in new worries,” a section of her lengthy post read.

Further elaborating on the things that goes through a woman’s mind during such a testing period, the actor continued, “Is my beta HCG Hi enough? Is it increasing at the desired rate? Is there heartbeat at the next ultrasound? Is the baby growing correctly? Are all the scans normal? Movements? I am forever grateful for this blessing. The anxiety the fear cannot overshadow my gratefulness. Sharing my journey as joyfully as possible. What may… I am ready to overcome all the hurdles and meet you my baby 😇 #thoughts #overcome.”

Debina Bonnerjee is married to popular TV star and dancer Gurmeet Choudhary. This will be their third child together. They also have two adopted daughters.


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