Charu Asopa says Sushmita Sen taught her how to raise daughter Ziana: ‘The way she is with Renee and Alisah’

Actor Charu Asopa said her sister-in-law Sushmita Sen pampers her newborn daughter Ziana a lot. Infact, Sushmita adores her to bits and she stayed inside the operation theatre along with her brother Rajeev Sen, when the baby girl was born. The siblings were cracking jokes to ease out Charu’s nervousness ahead of her delivery.

While speaking to ETimes, Charu shared that she learns from her “Sushmita didi” on a daily basis, especially the way the Bollywood star has raised her two adopted daughters – Renee and Alisah all on her own. “She makes me believe that a woman can do anything in life,” Charu said.

Charu Asopa, known for TV show Mere Angne Mein, tied the knot with Rajeev Sen in 2019. The couple became proud parents to Ziana in November last year. Sushmita Sen announced her birth on Instagram with the caption, “Lakshmi arrives just before Diwali.” Charu also revealed on her YouTube channel that it was Alisah who suggested the name, Ziana.

Charu had recently, opened up about reports around her troubled marriage and divorce rumours, that started doing the rounds in 2020. She called it a regular string of ups and downs like any other marriage.

Charu told Bollywood Life, “We are like a normal couple. But then, every little detail is subjected to so much scrutiny from everyone. It is worrisome. I feel bad when I think about what will happen when Ziana ever reads all this stuff. You cannot erase anything that has come once on the internet.”

Charu and Rajeev are currently enjoying their parenthood. They regularly share photos with each other and their daughter on Instagram.


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