BTS meets HER, Coldplay’s Chris Martin; Jin and J-Hope get excited as they are served a flaming dessert

BTS had an eventful visit to Washington US, where they met President Joe Biden at the White House to discuss hate crimes against Asians. After discussing issues of relevance, they had a blast at the arcade  with American singer Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson, known professionally as H.E.R. Following this outing, they had dinner with Coldplay’s Chris Martin and ARMY is sure that his girlfriend, Dakota Johnson was present as well. BTS and Coldplay collaborated for the hit 2021 track, My Universe. 

J-Hope took to Instagram and posted several selfies, videos and photos from the arcade and dinner with Chris Martin.  In the video, ARMY saw Coldplay singer Chris Martin talking to BTS leader RM, while J-Hope and Jin got excited about cake that was set in flames. “Is this hot ice-cream,” Jin asks, as he and J-Hope burst into laughter.

ARMY was overjoyed to see videos of the dinner. One fan wrote, “Lookie, Joonies talking with Chris Martin while the one who took this vid sat beside Jin, it seems my boys had dinner with Coldplay after WH and possibly HER is with them too, such friendship.” Another pointed out that Chris Martin is wearing Jin’s pyjamas. They wrote, “Chris is wearing Jin‘s Good Day Pyjama. He must have gotten it as a gift in return for his guitar.” One fan added, “I love how Chris Martin didn’t just fade bts after my universe and are hanging out with each other the best they can. And I especially love Chris and Jin‘s friendship how Chris gave guitar to him and have RJ pajamas.”

The group made their debut in June, making the month special for ARMY. The band’s new album, Proof, will release on June 10, with several new tracks.


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