BTS: Jin tells ARMY that he felt like a burden as he couldn’t perform at concert, upset V gives him a kick. Watch

BTS’s four day concert in Las Vegas concluded on Saturday night. The band’s members, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook performed ARMY’s favourite tracks, including Permission To Dance, Butter, Fake Love, and On and more. Unfortunately, Jin, who had injured himself earlier, could not perform fully and had to restrict himself to vocals. On the last day, an emotional Jin told the audience that he felt like a burden on the group.

Jin gave a speech after J-Hope had praised him for participating in every way that he could. Jin said, “J-Hope said some nice things about me but actually, I was kind of a burden on the team. All seven of us, we move as a team and we perform as a team but you know, it shouldn’t have happened but I got hurt,” he added. V, who was seated on the stage at the time, looked visibly upset. He got up and went to Jin to give him a kick for feeling that he was a burden to the team. “You’re not a burden, okay?” V said. “Okay,” Jin replied meekly.

This isn’t the first time that V has stood by Jin. During a discussion in 2020, regarding  their album Map Of The Soul 7, RM mentioned that this was the longest they had practised and ‘it would be their greatest comeback’ yet. Jin addressed the issue of dance practice and said, “I’m not as good as learning the moves, compared to others.” The rest of the group were upset on hearing this and instantly defended him, especially V. “You’re good, don’t say such things.” Jimin cut in, “We know the best, since we’re there.” Jin tried to explain, “My abilities could be a bit less…” The members intervened and said, “You’ve always been good.” Jin had to hastily tell V not to get upset.

Meanwhile, much to the excitement of ARMY, BTS will come out with a new album on June 10. Their agency Big Hit released a statement yesterday, saying that they would give further details in time.


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