BTS’ J-Hope reacts to Jin doing ‘cute stuff’ by himself as singer poses proudly with Pikachu: ‘You’re going around alone…’

BTS’ Jin has finally removed the cast from his hand, much to ARMY’s relief. The vocalist was unable to perform to his full potential at the Grammys 2022 and the following four Las Vegas concerts, as he had suffered an injury to his index finger and needed surgery. Nevertheless, he seems to have recovered. Jin took to Instagram and shared photos from his day out at what seems like a Pokemon park. He posed with two Pikachus while holding a pokeball, and sat next to a wall that had Pokemon graffiti all over it.

Fellow member J-Hope commented on his post, “You’re going around alone and doing cute stuff by yourself.” He also added a fire emoticon.

Jin’s surgery was a source of great worry to him, as he thought that he was a ‘burden‘ to his team. During the Vegas concert, an emotional Jin told ARMY, “I was kind of a burden on the team. All seven of us, we move as a team and we perform as a team but you know, it shouldn’t have happened but I got hurt,” he added. V, who was seated on the stage at the time, looked visibly upset. He got up and went to Jin to give him a kick for feeling that he was a burden to the team. “You’re not a burden, okay?” V said. However, ARMY noted that despite the agency Big Hit’s statement about Jin’s activities during the concerts being limited, Jin was still his over-enthusiastic and cheerful self, almost causing concern to fans.

Meanwhile, ARMY has several reasons to celebrate, as BTS would be returning with an anthology album on June 10, that comprises their old songs and three new tracks, including Yet To Come and RUN BTS, which is incidentally the title of their variety show. The album will release ahead of the group’s 9th anniversary.


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