Bharti Singh reacts to criticism on getting back to work shortly after delivering baby: ‘There are commitments you can’t ignore’

Comedienne-host Bharti Singh jumped back into work in less than two weeks of delivering a baby. She joined husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa to shoot for the finale of Hunarbaaz last Friday. While many fans were appreciative of her resuming work, a section of the audience did criticise her for leaving her newborn home. Bharti Singh delivered a baby boy on April 3.

Speaking to the media on the set of Khatra Khatra over the weekend, Bharti spoke about the trolls. Sharing that she is like any other working mother who has to return to work, the host said, “Hum koi upar se utri hui pariya nhi hai jo rest karengi, kyunki bahut sari working women hoti hai jo ek hafte ke baccho ko chod kar kaam par jaati hai (We are not special that we will get to rest at home. There are a lot of working women who leave their one-week-old babies at home to resume work).”

A video shared by ETimes also has Bharti Singh talking about how she feels blessed to have gotten so much love from everyone. “Kuch log keh rahe hai ke arre baccha chhod ke aagayi itni bhi kya jaldi thi (What was the hurry to leave her baby and get back to work). People will keep saying a lot of things but I always believe in only focusing on the positives. I am like any normal working mother who has to return to work leaving their newborn baby,” she said.


The ‘Laughter Queen’ went on to add that there are commitments that one can’t ignore, and she has a huge family who can look after the baby. She mentioned how the little one is almost having a party as there are so many people showering him with love. “Bahut jaldi god mein baby pakad ke aap ko interview doongi (Very soon will be speaking to all of you with him in my lap),” Bharti joked with the camerapersons.

On a final note, she also mentioned how The Khatra Khatra Show is a dream for her and husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa, and she needs to work on it. As Haarsh joined in, he mentioned how Bharti was on her feet just a couple of days after delivery. The proud husband added that his wife is a very ‘strong woman’.


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