bharatpe: BharatPe CEO Suhail Sameer accuses former founder Ashneer Grover of stealing money from company

NEW DELHI: BharatPe CEO Suhail Sameer on Thursday accused former founder Ashneer Grover of stealing money from the company as things took an ugly turn between the warring parties.
Sameer posted the comment on Linkedin when Grover’s sister Aashima confronted the top management at the fintech firm after a BharatPe associate wrote, tagging the senior executives, that employees have not been receiving salaries.
In reply, Sameer wrote, “Aashima Behen – tere bhai ne saara Paisa Chura liya. Very little left to pay salaries.” (Your brother has stolen all the money therefore we are left with very little to pay salaries.)
While Sameer was criticized for his post by several users, he later apologized and promised to pay the dues.

The development comes, as the top management at the Sequoia-backed fintech company is engaged in an image-building exercise after Grover’s exit from the company.
Earlier Karan Sarki, an associate wrote, tagging Sameer and BharatPe’s other co-founder, “Dear Suhail and Shashvat Sir, we haven’t received our salary for March month yet despite following so many times on email and visiting the office. All the old admin staff of BharatPe has been terminated by you without giving any reason and their salaries have not been paid. We were with BharatPe ever since the compamy started and now we are nowhere because of your internal politics. We are poor people and have our houses to run, small kids to take care of. We have been spending our own money for company’s petty cash and our reimbursement bills have not been paid since December. All the staff of BharatPe is enjoying office paid trip to Goa and we engraved employees are fighting for their salaries and job. What kind of leaders you are.”
A BharatPe spokesperson did not comment for the story.


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