Axis MF says cooperating with regulatory authorities in front-running case

NEW DELHI: Axis Asset Management has said that it is cooperating with regulatory authorities amid reports of Sebi carrying out ‘search and seizure’ at several entities in connection with an ongoing probe in the front-running case at the fund house. “Axis AMC has been conducting a Suo moto investigation since February 2022, with assistance from reputed external advisors.
While the review process is still continuing, additional actions have been taken as part of the ongoing investigation, and various enhancements are being implemented based on findings, till date,” the fund house said in a statement issued late night on Sunday.
The statement comes after reports suggested that Sebi is carrying out search and seizure operations at several entities including offices of Axis Mutual Fund, stock brokers and individuals, as a part of the ongoing investigation into alleged wrongdoings by two former fund managers of the fund house.
In this regard, the fund house said “Axis AMC continues to work and cooperate with regulatory authorities”.
The fund house said that stringent action in terms of termination of employment has already been taken in respect of two fund managers of equity mutual fund schemes where the AMC has reason to believe that there may have been a violation of securities law.
Earlier, the mutual fund promoted by Axis Bank, had terminated its chief trader and fund manager Viresh Joshi on May 18, and fund manager Deepak Agrawal on May 20, who were facing allegations of front-running. It was alleged that the two fund managers allegedly made illicit gains through front-running.
However, Axis AMC did not elaborate on the violations that led to the two fund managers’ sacking.
Front-running refers to an illegal practice in the stock market where an entity trades on the basis of advance information from a broker or analyst before the information has been made available to their clients.
Axis AMC, which is one of the leading mutual funds in the country with assets under management to the tune of Rs 2.59 lakh crore is facing allegations of front running and a reported regulatory probe.


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