Asha Negi reveals people judged her after break-up with Rithvik Dhanjani: ‘Ab toh film actor ban gayi hai…’

Kunal Kemmu starrer Abhay is all set to return with its third season. In the last season, fans witnessed Asha Negi’s transformation from the ‘good girl to the villain’. In a chat with, the actor shared that if people found her evil in the last season, they will be in for a shock in season 3.

“You will be mind blown. For me too, it was so difficult to process the script. The character is so different and dark. It’s not easy to relate to something like that. As one needs to be convinced to play it, some things would get difficult. But yes, it was really a lot of fun,” she shared. Negi added that she got a lot of messages from fans who were surprised to see her play a character with grey shades. “They never expected me to do something like this,” the actor added with a laugh.

Many actors have spoken about how playing dark characters affect them mentally. However, Asha Negi confessed that given she switches off easily, shooting for Abhay 3 was not tough. “I feel lucky that way because, after a cut, I don’t linger in the character, and can go back to my chilling mode. There are certain scenes where you need to cry a lot. It just weighs you down emotionally and you may feel drained. But in Abhay 3, I am a psychopath who has so much fun while committing crime. So it was fun.”



Talking about working with Kunal Kemmu, the actor called him a ‘wonderful and supportive co-star’. She added that he was quite chilled out on set and was always looking out for her. Negi said, “I am someone who is quite a zoner, and while on set, I would sometimes get lost in my world. I would be thinking quietly and Kemmu will come and ask, ‘What happened, Are you sad? Sab thik hai?’. It would be so funny as I would tell him that’s my face (laughs). It was really a lot of fun working with him.”

While Asha Negi climbs the ladder of success, there are many who try to pull her down by blaming her ambition for her break up with Rithvik Dhanjani. Sharing that she always wonders what’s the correlation between her work and personal life, the actor revealed that given the breakup and release of Ludo happened around the same time, she was blamed and judged.

“There were many who said that she has done a film and broken up. They said, ‘Ab toh film actor ban gayi hai, why will she date him (Now that she is a film actor, why will she date him).’ That’s how people judge without a thought. They create their own perspective, which is so sad. Whatever happened, it was between me and him. There is a lot of love and respect among us, and I don’t think anyone else should bother.”

Starting April 8, Abhay 3 will stream on ZEE5.


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