Armaan Malik almost gets injured at concert after barricade falls, checks on fans. Watch

Armaan Malik almost gets injured at concert after barricade falls, checks on fans. Watch

Singer Armaan Malik almost got injured at a concert last night after a barricade fell as he was waving to fans. Luckily, no one got hurt and his security personnel rushed to protect him and reinstate the barricade again. Once he returned to the stage, Armaan asked if everyone was alright.

Mentioning the incident on Twitter, he wrote, “The barrier incident at tonight’s concert was kinda scary but otherwise the show went smooth and was a lot of fun! I hope everyone in the audience is fine and safe.” In another tweet he wrote, “I am okay, don’t worry.”

Fans called him ‘pure’ and one wrote, “He tried to hold the barricade to save them though he knew that it could hurt him too, he asked them “are you guys okay”. He is so pure….you have to protect him at any cost.” Another added, “I can’t get over how he ran towards the barrier to keep it standing. f his team didn’t grab him away, he’d still be there to hold it up! What a strong, intelligent and selfless man! God bless you Armaan. Thank God you weren’t hurt.” A third wrote, “I keep watching this over n over again and marveling at this young, strong man! Wow @ArmaanMalik22,you won me one more time with your selflessness and your action at the right moment! Stay safe! Someone is definitely watching you over!”

A couple of weeks ago after KK’s death, Armaan had tweeted about his experience at concerts in India, emphasising that they need to be better managed to make sure that the artiste performing on stage and the audience are safe. One of his tweets read: “Concerts in India need better mgmt (management), medical & emergency facilities. I’ve seen and been part of far too many shows that don’t serve the right conditions for us to perform in. But yet, being the artists we are, we continue with performing coz (because) we don’t wanna disappoint our fans.”


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