Anupamaa actor Rupali Ganguly recalls the time they had to sell their house: ‘When the film with Dharmendra dragged on…’

Anupamaa star Rupali Ganguly is known for her hit television show but not many know that Rupali’s father Anil Ganguly was a notable filmmaker in the 1970s directing films like Kora Kagaz and Tapasya, among many others. But despite his success, there came a point in their life when they had to sell their house.

In a recent chat with Pinkvilla, Rupali recalled that her father was once making a film with Dharmendra that got delayed. They had to sell sell their house, which was a tough phase for the family. The Sarabhai vs Sarabhai actor said that the film business is very organised now, but back then, everything was quite haywire. “At that time, it was more about the passion of making films, rather than the money. Now making movies is a proper business, back then it was madness. People used to sell their houses to make movies. And if the film flops, the house is gone. This is what happened with us.”

Rupali mentioned that her father was known for making films quickly. She mentioned that the 1985 film Saaheb, starring Anil Kapoor, Rakhee and Amrita Singh was made in 40 days. So when the film with Dharmendra dragged on, it got difficult. “My dad had made a film with Dharmendra. It had dragged on for 3-4 years. We lost a lot during that. But as they say, whatever goes up, has to come down,” she recalled.

In the chat, Rupali also spoke about getting fame for Anupamaa and how it helped her discover self-love. “It has given me so much as an individual. It has given me confidence, that maybe I am a good actor. Not that I did not appreciate myself but there was no self-love. There is self-worth (now). There is a confidence that perhaps I know my craft,” she said.

Anupamaa’s prequel Anupamaa – Namaste America will start streaming on Hotstar from April 25.


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